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Make extra profit on your current customer base by offering low cost audit protection.
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Scan & Store eliminates the need to photocopy and physically store documents as you move towards a paperless office.
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What is Tax Force Pro?

Tax Force Pro is proprietary desktop software developed for the use of tax preparers throughout the US. With single office and multi office solutions, it allows high volume tax preparers to complete tax returns at a faster pace while maintaining accuracy. Customers love it because the software enables returns and refunds to be processed sooner. Tax preparers completing returns faster directly impacts the business being able to take on more clients and increase revenue. When an office purchases and uses Tax Force Pro they are investing in the future revenue growth of their company.

How does Tax Force Pro work?

The heart of Tax Force Pro’s innovation is underscored by its ability to take into account the entire process of completing and filing tax returns.  The software allows for increased accuracy and is supports preparers with customizable tables and features.  With Trademarked features like Point-and-Shoot Error Correction TM , exclusive TextLink TM technology, and support for electronic signature pads and hand held scanners, Tax Force  Pro is the extreme in cutting edge technology.  However, it goes beyond the nuts and bolts of tax preparation.  Tax Force Pro addresses the process and the events that cause time delays such as requesting documents from customers and getting signatures.  Everything from beginning to end has been considered, addressed, and a solution provided for. Once a tax office starts using Tax Force Pro they will wonder what they ever did without it.